The summer season is upon us! This is a wonderful time to create new memories with your child as well as continue to develop healthy habits in preparation for the next school year and beyond. The summer break should be a relaxing time for your child to have fun, and the opportunity for continued learning during this time period should not be missed. 

Why Summer Matters

Summer time in the adolescent years can be a particularly important time to engage your child in educational activities. The National Summer Learning Association reports that students can lose academic and developmental progress during the summer months. Intentionally viewing the summer season as a time of opportunity for your child can enable you to cultivate their growth during these formative years of their youth. Read on to find habits, activities, and learning opportunities to consider as you guide your child toward a rewarding and productive summer. 


Continuing healthy sleep habits during the summertime can aid your child’s mental, emotional, and physical health as well as allow them to have the energy during the day to pursue their interests and other hobbies. Pediatricians recommend 9 – 12 hours of sleep each night for children aged 6 – 12, and 8 – 10 hours of sleep per night for teens aged 13 – 18. 

Health and Exercise 

Physical activity is essential for the health and strength of the body as well as your child’s mental health. The University of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Kids recommends daily physical exercise for children to improve energy levels, brain function, and a positive self-image. 


Summer is a great opportunity to have unstructured time for social interactions and games that interest your child. Having time for play and fun are important components of every child’s healthy development, according to research conducted by Stanford University. 


Spending time reading something that your child enjoys reading for fun is an activity that can be practiced each summer. Research conducted by the National Library of Medicine found that spending time reading had many benefits for adolescents, including an ability to build one’s own knowledge in order to better understand challenges they encounter. Consider exploring your local library’s summer reading program, youth book section, and more with your child.  


Downtime in the summer months can be a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn how to cook nutritious meals for themselves and others. Learning to read a recipe, the nutritional value of various ingredients, and safe kitchen practices are skills that can be practiced throughout the summer on your child’s favorite meals or brand new recipes. Consider letting your child discover a new cookbook they would like to read to further encourage their reading skills as well. 

Local Programs

Visit the National Summer Learning Association’s site of resources to discover local program opportunities for your child. Find activities ranging from gymnastics and dance to robotics, acting, sports, and more. Explore your child’s interests and encourage them to discover healthy activities they enjoy this summer in your community.

Closing Thoughts

Summer is an excellent opportunity to build your child’s knowledge, enable them to pursue their interests, and develop healthy habits that will be beneficial to their mental and physical health. We hope all of our students and families have a wonderful summer, and we can’t wait to see you this fall! 


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