Great Minds Virtual (GMV) invites rising 6th and 7th grade students and their families to apply now for the 2023-2024 school year beginning the first week of September. GMV is an online school serving students in all 50 states, and we offer students a tuition-free, high-quality education in small class sizes of 15 – 20 students. Great Minds Virtual prides itself on our highly educated and enthusiastic teachers as well as our challenging and fun schoolwork for our students. Live, virtual classes and innovative extracurriculars are held every weekday of the school year excluding holidays and can be attended from the comfort of home. This innovative and unique online school offers students and their families flexibility, community, live classes, and rigorous academics rooted in Great Minds’ knowledge-building approach and middle school curricula.


Great Minds Virtual empowers all students to achieve greatness in both personal and academic growth through a knowledge-rich curriculum that fosters student discourse, inquiry, and a sense of wonder. Watch our video to learn more about what being a GMV student is like and read what parents have to say:


“Every email received from GMV reminds me once again to be so grateful that my daughter is a GMV student, and I am a GMV Parent. You guys, the teachers, all the staff, keep exceeding my expectations in all you do, in every well-thought process and communication, in everything you provide, and I don’t say this just as a parent, but as someone experienced in virtual assistance and coordination as well as in childcare/youth-educational programs. You are doing an inspiringly great job!” 


“As a parent new to virtual school, I was worried that my son wouldn’t create strong bonds with his teachers and classmates. I couldn’t have been more wrong! He has truly become part of this school community. He frequently interacts with his fellow students outside of class. His teachers are very in tune with him. They quickly reach out to me and my husband when they notice him having struggles so we can work together to make his learning experience effective. This virtual school model is what I hope all students could experience…connecting with people from different backgrounds from across the country…all with the goal of creating meaningful growth and learning for all the participants. We’ve found our academic home with Great Minds Virtual.” 


More information can be found at


For questions or additional information, please contact Lyndsay Lack at [email protected].


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October 02, 2023

View more about Great Minds Virtual’s Award Winning Website: Recognized for Creativity, Design, and Quality


Great Minds Virtual’s Award Winning Website: Recognized for Creativity, Design, and Quality

August 01, 2023