Each day I enjoy seeing students practicing coding, creating animations, writing songs, and more all with the help of technology. However, there are many reasons to be mindful about how much time is spent on screens. Enabling your child to interact with the technology in their life in a healthy and balanced way can have benefits for their health. Creating boundaries around your child’s usage of cell phones and other devices is possible with these four tips. 


A Peaceful, Screen-Free Sleeping Pattern

We highly recommend that families ensure that no devices (laptops, TVs, and cell phones) are in a child’s bedroom once it’s time for bed. We recommend setting up a charging place in a common room in the house for everyone to leave their devices in overnight. 


Using Common Spaces for Safety

We recommend that no child ever be in their bedroom with the door closed while on their devices. Children need oversight while on devices, especially if the device is connected to the internet so it is best to always use devices in common spaces.


Turning on Parental Settings for Internet Content

We highly recommend calling your internet provider to turn on “parental settings” on your wifi services to prevent students from stumbling upon content not appropriate for their age. Also, turn on parental settings on smartphones as well. 


Engaging in Screen-Free Hobbies

Lastly and very importantly, we encourage parents to proactively make time in your child’s week for activities that do not involve a screen. We encourage students to play outside, draw, read, play boards, do a puzzle, learn to cook with a guardian, etc. Having a schedule for screen-related and screen-free activities can help children and parents/guardians balance how time is spent.


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