Mike Burlette

6th Grade Applied Science and Art Teacher

Mike is an innovative applied science and arts teacher who explores new technology platforms and experiments with integrating the arts and communication into science teaching. Dedicated to including all students in high-level science, he encourages them to use their creativity to help learn and demonstrate their new knowledge to others. Mike believes all students have gifts to share with the world and wants to ensure they can discover those gifts.

In addition to teaching career- and technology-focused science classes, Mike has started numerous after-school science clubs for activities like coding, drone coding, stop-motion photography, hydroponics, and cybersecurity. Currently he is learning to teach students how to create their own smartphone apps.

Mike is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and has translated texts and courses for a number of publishers and agencies. He holds a master’s degree in education as well as certificates for teaching bilingual education and STEM classes. When he is not busy leading young minds to science and technology, Mike enjoys inventing, writing, working on home projects, snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving.